Employee Style

To the energetic us!

Our company was founded in 2007. In the past ten years since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the company management system of warm + self-discipline mode. The company is results-oriented and does not form formalism. We insist on optimism, initiative and mutual love. We are a group. A young and energetic partner, here is your little brother and sister, we are born in the sun! Unite against the wind!

There is a saying in China that "laughing, laughing for ten years", working with a smile, treating others and yourself, is the basis for a happy work and life; while smiling, we respect each other, observe time, ensure quality, and keep clean, Have the courage to take responsibility, be loyal to people, continuously improve the efficiency, and inspire to "do a line, love a line, drill a line", full of fun and anger for the job is a guarantee to complete the task.

We hold regular group building every year, and the group building once and for all makes our whole team more trusting and deepens the team's honor. Every time we build a group, we will carry out a team, starting with the team name, team call, singing team songs, and team flags. The activities are interlocking and progressive, and the “quick 60 seconds” brings the distance between the employees' hearts and minds. It is important to realize the coordination, unified command and effective implementation of the team's continuous growth process. Sex, "Do not fall forest" two teams compete, the strength is comparable, not the heights, but what you have gained from this process, what you have learned, thinking about the previous work style and behavioral mode brought to your work What kind of obstacles, uploading the distortion and the impact of execution. Feel the special value of each member of the team. “Trust of trust” promotes unity and trust among employees, increases employee responsibility and care for comrades; “Crossing the graduation wall” makes each employee challenge himself to a certain extent, and realizes that personal success must be established. The joint efforts and support of other members of the team.

Every time the expansion training is over in the laughter and laughter, our little friends not only exercise their physical fitness in each training, but also gain more spiritual strength and fully understand that being in a group team is a team. The soul has a new understanding of its own blind spots, effectively tapping the potential of itself and the team, strengthening the sense of teamwork, enhancing the cohesiveness and combat effectiveness, and further thinking about the way of cooperating with people, the friends are Learning in practice, changing in experience learning, we are proud of being a part of the pride of the Eastern glare!