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Macro Channel Cooling Laser Diode Stack For Hair Removal Handpiece

Oriental LaserMacro Channel
Output Power600w/6bars700w/7bars1000w/10barsWavelength808 ±3(nm)808 ±3(nm)808 ±3(nm)Max Operation Cu...
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Output Power600w/6bars700w/7bars1000w/10bars
Wavelength808 ±3 (nm)808 ±3 (nm)808 ±3 (nm)
Max Operation Current40A40A40A
Max Operation Voltage<12V<15V<20V
Packaging Technologygold tin mountinggold tin mountinggold tin mounting
Maximum Pulse Width300ms300ms300ms
Max Duty Circle30%30%30%
Operating temperature15-30℃15-30℃15-30℃
Cooling Requirement
1.Flow Rate: >4.5L/min
2.Adopting macro channel refrigeration structure, it has lower requirements on water quality, but the particles in water should be less than 100μm.
3. Avoid using it in a dew condensation environment.
4.Chiller water Temperature: 15°C-25°C

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Use Tips:
1. The ideal temperature of the cooling water is ≤25°C. It is recommended to combine the local room temperature to ensure that the laser temperature is controlled at room temperature ±5 °C to avoid condensation.
2. The actual water flow through the laser is ≥4.5L/min;
3. Please use it in a dry environment;
4. In order to fully dissipate heat, please use standard gasket to ensure reasonable installation of inlet and outlet and external water-cooled pipeline to avoid invalid water resistance due to too small size. If the size is too large, it will easily leak water and affect the life of the laser.
5. In order to ensure the long-term work of this product, please use deionized water for circulating cooling. If there is a filtration system, please replace the filter regularly (according to the water quality). If there is no filtration, it is recommended to replace the deionized water twice a week.
6, the external wire of the laser ≥ 4mm2;
8. The terminal uses the customer to replace the filter for 6 months to ensure the water flow is normal and ensure that the laser works at a safe temperature.

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Macro Channel laser stack details:

laser diode stack application:

After-sales warranty:3months
Technical advantages:
1. High standard laser ultra-clean workshop
500 square meters overall 10K class, local 1000 class ultra-clean workshop, strictly in line with the US 109E federal industry standard
2.Mastering core packaging technology, owning more than 10 years experience in laser packaging.
Breaking the industry bottleneck, mastering the core technology of gold tin hard solder packaging.
Our laser stack achieves the advantages of high oxidation resistance, good stability, long life and high cost performance.
3. Focus on laser hair removal beauty for 16 years
With a comprehensive exhibition of the exhibition calendar (showing that we continue to serve the beauty industry)

About Our Company:

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