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VS-MI-100-12-Alma-Soprano-C 12Bars Alma Laser Stack Black Side Plate

This VS-MI-60-12-AlmaSoprano-C is Alma Soprano 12 bar laser stack with black side plate & right-angled electrode.It is used for Alma Soprano handle piece repairing and replacement.
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This VS-MI-60-12-AlmaSoprano-C is Alma Soprano 12 bar laser stack with black side plate & right-angled electrode.

It is used for Alma Soprano handle piece repairing and replacement.

Repairing procedure


>Chioce A: Send the old broken handpiece to our facatory. We will do the process of checking , repairing, cleanning and etc. Then send the fresh new handpiece back to you.>Save Money. Replace the broken diode stack only. Low cost and convenient
>Chioce B:  if you have basic assambly capacity, you can send the diode laser stack only to our factory. We remove the old bar and mount the new bar to recover the laser power of the stack.>Long life time.  we use diode laser bars from Germany. The newest Ausn mounting technology will be applied when repairing. After repair. The handpiece will be as a new one. life time is much longer than before
>Choice C: Measure your stack and comfrim the water pipe hole and screw hole position. Then press the button below to buy a ready-made stack which is match your old hadnpiece. >All technical support available. We major in diode laser mounting, software, spare parts over 16 years. All the technologies about laser hair removal machine are open to you.  

In the past 10 years, we have repaired various brands and different types of lasers (such as alma, dilas, focus light etc.), which are used on laser hair removal handle pieces.
Generally, the main problem of these diode laser stacks is:
Some or all of diode laser bars were burned.
Followings are some reasons that cause burning the diode bar problem
* Using machine for too long time. it causes that the temperature becomes too high.
* The water flow rate is low. It causes the bad heat dissipation.
* The room temperature is a bit higher than normal, when using the machine.
* The environment for the machine is too humid.
* Using bad quality diode bar.
* laser diode bar mounting technology couldn’t reach the standard.
* The electronic control parameters don’t suit for the diode laser stack

Oriental-Laser Provide Service:
Professional Alma Laser Diode Stack Repair / replacement
OEM Alma Laser Diode Stack
Service Warranty:
Oriental-laser offers 6 months warranty for the micro channel cooled laser stack.


Model No.VS-MI-60-12-AlmaSoprano-C
ApplicationAlma Soprano Handle Piece Repair And Replacement
Operation ModeCW
Power per submounts100W
Number of submounts in one stack12bars
Central wavelength at 25℃808 ± 5nm
Typical Operation current60A
Maximum Operating current90A
Typical Threshold current15A
Maximum Operating Voltage<24V
Fast Axis Divergence (FWHM)39&ordm;
Slow Axis Divergence (FWHM)8&ordm;
Operation Conditionnon-condemsing atmosphere, cleaning room
Expected lifetime10000hours
Typical pitch per bar1.8mm

Cooling requirement

Flow rate3.6L/min +-10%
Water Temperature25+-3&deg;C
Water QualityDeionized 2-10 &micro;s/cm, mixed bed ion exchanger,particle filter<25&micro;m
cooling systemDo not use any material that combination with copper

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If your diode laser stack belongs to the following types. Please choosing us, we will offer you the best solution,with low factory price,high quality services.

Alma Laser Stack Repair & Refurbishment Services Process:
1.Provide the service information you need.
Firstly, you need send the laser diode head to us, if can not send old diode,need send to us structure design of the diode and dimension details stack. We will repair the old diode or design a new stack to replace the old one.

2.we disassemble the diode stack, and test the old laser stack. For the micro channel laser stack, Such as Alma laser, Lightsheer, Syneron. We will test each laser plate one by one to confirm whether there are any one bars still can work. If there have some good bars, the repairing charge will lower. For macro laser stack like most product made in China, we will test whole laser stack together

3.We will mount diode bar to heat sink and assemble diode stack to old or structure in our cleaning lab Our bars and micro channel cooler are import from Germany manufacture. We strictly manage mounting, assembling and testing step during laser stack producing. Every stack will be fully tested and had 8 hours burning test.

4.The Fourth step:
Our experienced technician will reassemble the handle piece. Which include:
a. Install the new laser stack into the handle piece.
b. Clean lens and check the TEC and other parts inside the handle piece
c. Test the power output of whole handle piece.
d. Clean the cover shell of handle piece and package it.

5.We send the finished good diode laser stack or hand piece to your address

Alma Soprano Model C Dimension


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Our Services Warranty: 
For Soprano Xli handle, micro channel laser part, Oriental-laser is pleasure to offer a warranty for 1 year

Delivery :
Please send your old damage laser part or handle by DHL, FEDEX OR TNT UPS OR EMS, and send to our address as:
Oriental Laser (Beijing) Co.,Ltd
Address : Room 403,3rd Building,No.2 Shengfang Road,Daxing Industry Zone,Daxing Dis. Beijing.
Phone :86-010-62258470

Tips: To pack the laser head or laser handle in a safe box, and make sure safety during delivery, no any damage. Also please drain away water from the laser diode head or handle,make sure no water inside the water road or water tube inside the laser head or handle to avoid further damage.

Please put a paper list include the following information:
1.Contact person name
2.Company name
3.Address details, include street city name and country name
4.Zip code
5.Phone number
6.Email ID or whatsapp ID that i can contact you when i get the parcel
7.Problem description

Tips: Never write the word laser with the parcel, to avoid some problems as:
1.Customs clearance delay
2.Parcel return
3.High delivery cost

Advice for laser machine maintain:
1.Please change filter once for 6 months.
2.Please add DI water to machine, and 1 month change water. 
3.Please drain out water from machine if machine long time no working.
4.Please let the machine take a rest for 5 mins after 2 hours working, please love your machine, and it will also love you. 

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