Company Profile


      Our company is a young laser research lab & manufacturer established in 2007. Our main job is high power diode laser research & high power DPSS laser system design for economic applications. Our products are now widely used in industry, medical, research and defense applications. Our solutions offer a competitive advantage in performance, reliability and efficiency.

       Our company has a facility covering an area of 5,000 square feet, with class 10000 clean rooms & class 100 local clean zones (according to Federal Standard 209E). Our company has full product lines of GaAs wafer processing, chemical processing, dielectric coating, GaAs etching & cleaving, laser diode mounting, diode & DPSS laser testing & integrating, etc.

        Our company was founded by former senior engineers & researchers from diode laser manufacturers & academy institutes in the USA. With China's advantages of human resources and strict manufacture management, our company is pleased to offer a wide range of diode laser & DPSS laser products to global users with stable quality & competitive prices.

Our product lines include:
1) High Power Laser Diode Bars, Arrays and Stacks (808nm / 20W, 40W, 100W, 250W / CW and QCW)
2) High Power DPSS Laser Modules (1064nm / 50W, 75W, 100W, 150W, 200W and 500W / CW)
3) Diode Pumped Solid State Laser Systems (Q-switched DPSS Lasers)
4) High Power Laser Diode Drivers and other laser related electronic systems.
   Product application areas:
1) Industry applications, such as laser marking, cutting, welding, resistor trimming, etc.
2) Medical applications, such as infrared illumination, cosmetology, laser surgery, etc.
3) Academy applications, such as laser oscillators & amplifiers, customized DPSS lasers, etc.
4) Defense applications, such as high power pulsed lasers, infrared detectors, etc.




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Address:4 Floor,3rd building,South Side of Shengfang Road,Daxing Industry Zone, Daxing Dis. Beijing.