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1060 weight loss machine makes you easy and non-invasive weight loss

1060 laser weight loss meter, 1060nm laser directly through the low-energy density laser, the laser passes through the skin into the fat accumulation site, the fat is selectively heated, so that the subcutaneous fat reaches 42 to 46 degrees, the fat is decomposed into glycerol and fatty acid, thus Into the blood and body excreted, reduce the volume of fat, to achieve the purpose of weight loss shaping.

The reaction of subcutaneous adipose tissue to 1060nm laser non-invasive ultra-high temperature treatment proved that the 1060nm wavelength laser applied to the skin can effectively damage subcutaneous fat tissue, and the 1060 laser weight loss device has good safety and tolerance. Histology, quantitative measurement, and blinded appearance improvement evaluations all proved that 1060nm ultra-high temperature treatment can form a non-invasive fat-reducing effect.

In addition to the flank and abdomen, the laser weight loss device is also used for fat on the arms, thighs and knees. No anesthesia is required and no downtime is required.

The specific affinity of the 1060 nm wavelength for adipose tissue, coupled with minimal dermal absorption, can effectively treat the fat area. As time goes by, the damaged fat cells are naturally eliminated.