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Our company has 13 years of experience in packaging semiconductor diode lasers. The laser beauty is mainly from the one-stop research and production source of lasers with different wavelengths of light. The diode lasers for laser hair removal have many patents and qualifications. Class certificate, we not only produce diode lasers, laser hair removal equipment, we also focus on researching diode lasers, we can update all the laser hair removal diode lasers in the world, hope to cooperate with you!
VS-MI-100-4-Micro channel 4 bar diode laser stack for laser hair removal Sale
VS-MI-100-12-Micro channel 12bar diode laser stack for laser hair removal Sale
VS-MI-100-5-Dilas-808 500w Dilas laser diode stack repair Sale
VS-MI-100-3-Dilas-808 Dilas 300w diode laser stack Sale
VS-MI-60-12 Alma Soprano Laser Stack Model A Repair Sale
VS-MI-100-12-Alma-Soprano-C 12Bars Alma Laser Stack Black Side Plate Sale
VS-MI-100-12 Alma Soprano Laser Stack Model B with blue side plate Sale
VS-MI-100-6-FL-B 6bars Focus Lisht Laser Diode Stack Replace & Replacement Sale
VS-MI-60-12-AlmaSoprano-E Laser Stack With a Blue Side Plate Sale
VS-MA-50-10 Model A/DVS-500 Macro Channel Laser Stack Repair Sale
VS-MI-100-5-FL-A Focus Light laser handle stack repair services Sale
Oriental Laser 10Bars Macro Channel Cooling Laser Diode Stack For Hair Removal Handpiece Sale
1600w diode laser stack 2pcs 16bars vertical stack 32bars Sale
VS-MI-60-12-AlmaSopranoICE-D Alma Soprano ICE Alexsander or YAG 1060nm handpiece Laser Stack Repair Sale
VS-MI-100-8-NL3-5 nlight laser hair removal stack repair Sale
600W Alma Laser Stack Repair For Alma Laser Similar Hair Removal Machine Sale
Alma Soprano Laser Handpiece Stack Repair Discount Sale
VS-MA-50-6-B-808 300w macro diode laser stack with big cooper heatsink Sale
Macro Channel Cooling Laser Diode Stack For Hair Removal Handpiece Sale
VS-MI-100-4-FL-B-808 4bars focus light stack repair & replacement Sale