Handpiece Spare Parts

Handpiece Spare Parts

1、Hair removal hand assembly process

2、Switching and using three different wavelengths of 755nm 808 nm 1064nm

3、 755 808 1064 3-in-1 wavelength hand-glow

1、808 755 1064 diode laser
6Bars Diode Laser Stack | http://t.cn/EiPtWgU
12 Bars Diode Laser Stack | http://t.cn/EiP5Hzj
755nm,808nm,1064nm 3in1 video | http://t.cn/EJ6IciZ
* Jenoptik Laser Bars From Germany( Exclusive for top brands,Including (alma, syneron,oriental-laser) )
* Micro Channel Cooling Structure( The longest life laser cooling structure on the market )
* Gold tin hard solider technology(High temperature resistance, oxidation resistance)
* 7 Test Standards

2、 Switch button
塑料按钮 http://t.cn/Ei7Iuj2
金属按钮 http://t.cn/EJ0FNQd
3、Counting board http://t.cn/EJ8EX4t
11mmx11 mm http://t.cn/Ei7MPoJ
11mmx17mm http://t.cn/EJHzywB
5、Metal head http://t.cn/EJTYIHc
Hand metal head assembly process http://t.cn/EJ6XvW9
6、Light guide cone
11mmx11mm http://t.cn/Ei7Mbc5
11mmx17mm http://t.cn/Ei7MIia
7、TEC cooling http://t.cn/EJOyPBV
Hand TEC assembly process http://t.cn/EJ6X2b4
8、Hand shell http://t.cn/EJOfj2f
9、Water board http://t.cn/EJOIeCW

10、 Plug head http://t.cn/EJTVEVJ
Hand plug head assembly process http://t.cn/EJ6XiH8

11、handpiece hose http://t.cn/Ei7M9SN

12、handpiece rack http://t.cn/Ei7MlFV

1.Jenoptik laser bars from germany
We use 808nm diode laser bar specially for hair removal systems imported from Germany Jenoptik with Seiko creation and ingenuity quality, which makes sure laser stable performance, amazing result and long time reliable working

2. Micro Channel Cooler piece
Our laser machine achieves perfect heat loss through micro channel cooling chip, So the laser stack has a longer life.

3. Great Composition

The bar is imported from Germany Jenoptik, long lifetime.
Spot size are optional. 11*11mm, 10*17mm, 20*30mm
Self-locking water injection
Push button durable
American Screwed Hosepipe
Two pcs TEC cooling system.
Streaming design for 808nm treatment handle

4.High Power: 2000W high energy with good penestration to Hair follicles
This machine power consumption will be more than 2000W for no pigmentation and excellent treatment result. You see it can penetrate the can surface and drop on the board with glaring spot.